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Due in part to the aggressive advertising campaigns used by many brands of feminine hygiene products, it is a common misconception that genital yeast infections are exclusively a female problem. The bad news: they aren't. The good news: Candida in men is just as treatable as Candida in women, and somewhat less common. If you have a yeast infection, there are many options for diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure.

What Is Balanitis?

The medical term "balanitis" refers to all types of inflammations of the penis tip, including Candida yeast infections. Candadiasis in men is one type of balanitis. The symptoms of balanitis can vary. Common symptoms include:

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If a male Candida infection is left untreated, complications can result. For example, if the infection progresses, the skin in the area can become scarred and tightened. If the foreskin scars so badly that it can not be pulled back, it is called phimosis. Phimosis can cause all sorts of problems, such pain and difficulty urinating, and is a serious condition.

What Causes Candida In Men?

There are several common causes of balanitis. While poor hygiene is the most common cause, skin irritants-- including overly harsh soaps used to clean the genitals-- can be a factor as well. Similarly, if the penis is inadequately dried after cleaning, the moist area can become a breeding ground for yeast. Additionally, people with diabetes are at an elevated risk of developing a male Candida infection if their blood sugar is not well controlled, as yeast feeds off of sugar. The high blood sugar can be secreted into the urine, making any part of the body that comes into contact with urine into an ideal site for a yeast infection. Finally, any damage to the penile skin can increase the risks brought on by these factors as well.

There is a common notion that Candida in men is more common in those who are uncircumcised. This is true only because men who are uncircumcised may not have as good hygiene as men who aren't, and may not clean under their foreskin adequately. Studies have shown that, with proper hygiene, there is no significant difference in infection frequency between circumcised and uncircumcised males.

How Do You Treat Candida In Men?

If it is diagnosed and treated in a timely fashion, male Candida infection can usually be treated effectively in three to five days using a topical antifungal cream or oral antifungal medication. During treatment, it is important to continue to keep the affected area clean and dry.

Additional Cautions

While Candida in men is not a concerning condition on its own, if the infections are chronic or persistent it can be an indicator of a more serious underlying condition. Make sure to see your physician, as he or she may test you for diabetes or other medical conditions to determine if there is an underlying issue going on.

Since the complications of long term and repeated male Candida infections are quite painful and can require surgery to correct, it is a good idea to see a doctor quickly as soon as you suspect a yeast infection, and have a frank discussion about your health and whether you have had similar symptoms before. Your doctor will need an accurate medical history in order to offer you the best possible treatment.

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